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Welcome to Leher, where innovation meets sustainability. We are a passionate team dedicated to driving positive change for a greener future. Our mission is to empower sustainable practices that make a lasting impact on the environment and society. Through cutting-edge technologies such as drone spraying and sustainable agricultural practices, we aim to serve farmers and make a net positive impact.


Democratising Farming Technology

"Leher aims to empower farmers and rural communities through innovative agricultural technologies, making cutting-edge technology accessible & easy to integrate into their lives.


We strive to bridge the gap between farmers and quality agri products/services, catalyzing their growth, increasing their net household income, and creating sustainable rural prosperity."

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  Our Journey So Far  

July 2022


Leher was founded in 2022 with the goal of empowering Indian farmers with new age sustainable agricultural practices. We started small, but quickly grew as more and more farmers recognized the benefits of our services.

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